What we do

We Love, we Sell & we Buy Vintage! 

We Love sourcing for the best vintage and sharing it with you in our little shop. It is our mission to help educate our customers about the wonderful world of vintage & second hand, and how buying this way is the most sustainable option period. Not only is it the most sustainable form of consuming clothes and accessories but it is SO MUCH FUN! Plus, if its Vintage its almost certain that it is great quality and will last you for many years to come! 

We sell vintage and some second hand items. These include clothes, accessories, records, shoes, jewelry and other treasures. What they all have in common is that they are all unique, beautiful, in good condition and good quality. 

We also buy vintage! If you, your mom, grandma or a friend happen to have vintage clothing or any of the items mentioned above you cab contact us to sell or get store credit for your items! 

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