Who we are

My brothers helped me set up Johnny & June back in 2017 but we have been in the business for quite some time before that. We grew up around a similar kind of business which made me fall in love with the unique treasures that have been lucky enough to survive the test of time.

I remember spending summers and some weekends happily helping our parents and grandparents sort items and gems in their Jewelries and Pawn Shops. I remember being especially facinated with the Jewelry that was very old, my eyes always marvelled at antiques and vintage pieces in specific. 

I started selling vintage jewelry (from my family's jewelries & pawn shops) during the summers in high school in their shops and on some markets but didn't venture fully into the Vintage World or the business of it until some years after. Before I did and during the years of college and after college (studied & worked as a graphic designer for many years) I always appreciated vintage items, not just jewelry but furniture, accessories, record and especially clothes! Always favoring visiting vintage and antique shops and market's before a regular mall. After I was encouraged by a designer that sold vintage to start selling with her and I did not hesitate at the chance. I stared selling my closet ^_^ and then I started learning the process and the rest is history.
Eventually I ventured on my own, first selling online and then through Instagram. After a couple of years online and with the help of my brothers and family I was able to open Johnny & June in the same location we had spent those summers working at the pawn shops. 
I feel fortunate everyday to be able to work doing something I love.

We carefully select, clean, prepare and mend, if needed, all the items in our shop. We love every piece in here and can guarantee that a piece you take from our shop will be a special one in your closet!

We hope you like our shop and if you have any questions or are looking for something you don't see listed, leave us a message!